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Don Manifold, the Mergers, Acquisitions, and Divestments Adviser

Don Manifold is an expert and an advisor in acquisitions, mergers, and divestments. He is the founder of Manifold Advisory Partners, located in Adelaide in South Australia. It provides private businesses with practical advice through attending or chairing advisory board meetings. He is the joint managing director at Equity & Advisory Partners, which offers financial […]

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Haroldo Jacobovicz Site Official

Haroldo Jacobovicz, the Renown Brazilian Civil Engineer and Entrepreneur who is well-known for developing methods of construction and concrete structures in Brazil, has been evolving due to the fantastic advances made by his company. Haroldo Jacobovicz is also the founder of Arlequim Technologies and Chairman of the Management Board of Arlequim company. Haroldo Jacobovicz believes […]

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Tim Murawski: Why Financing is Needed to Introduce Technology in the Healthcare Industry

It is essential to communicate that technology has become a significant challenge in the current healthcare industry. This means those who have been actively involved in looking for some of the strategic techniques that can enable the industry to move in the right direction. First, however, as healthcare expert Tim Murawski states, it is necessary […]

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A Background Check of Krishen Iyer’s Professional Life

Krishen Sauble founded MAIS Consulting Firm, a consultancy based in Encinitas, California. CEO Krishen Iyer has successfully ventured into entrepreneurship in his home state of California. He studied at San Diego and graduated with a Public Administration degree. Krishen Iyer started working as an insurance agent immediately after graduating from college. Therefore, MNP Insurance was […]