Robert McKenna III

Tips on Maintaining Work/Life Balance in the Post-Pandemic Landscape As we understand that the world is changing rapidly, we need to adjust our way of living in this post-pandemic world. Robert McKenna III talks about tips for maintaining work-life balance and achieving your true potential while navigating the tough times that we face in this […]

Business CEO

Vik Bansal has Built a Philosophy for Conducting Business

InfraBuild, an integrated steel production and recycling company, had recently reported its financial results for the first half of the year, which marked an improvement across the board in terms of all financial parameters. According to the Australian company, the business has reportedly delivered strong financial and operational results. Vik Bansal has brought his previous […]


Franci Neely

Neely focuses on giving back to her community through volunteering for charities. She also started Franci’s House to help provide housing for children whose families cannot afford it. In addition to philanthropy, she continues to devote time to legal practice. Franci Neely has worked as an educator since graduating college. Also read: Franci Neely – […]