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Data Systems International: A Pioneer In Cloud-based Inventory Management

Data Systems International (DSI) recently announced the launch of Cloud Inventory, an inventory control and management platform designed for distributors, manufacturers, and suppliers.

Cloud Inventory enables users to track, manage, and control inventory in real-time to a high degree of accuracy, enabling firms to optimize their stock, increase productivity, and generate revenue faster than ever before.

DSI’s mobile-based cloud solution is a mobile-first platform, enabling companies to manage workflows and track tools, supplies, and inventory wherever their employees happen to be, either on or off-site. Designed for accessibility and ease of use, Cloud Inventory provides low-code customizations so that firms of all sizes can customize the platform to their exact desires.

Data Systems International’s highly configurable, bespoke, and agile solutions ensure that the Cloud Inventory’s platform fits a variety of use cases, providing firms in a variety of industries, from consumer-packaged goods, manufacturing, and utilities to medical devices, construction, and engineering all with solutions to fit their unique and varied industry-specific needs.

DSI Global launch of its Cloud Inventory management platform comes at an excellent time, as companies around the globe work to adapt to severe supply chain disruptions caused by the ongoing COVID-19 pandemic. In this unprecedented and crucial juncture defined by rapid change and an accelerating shift to e-commerce solutions, it is more important than ever before to have portable, reliable, technology-enabled solutions that provide organizations with a significant edge in inventory control and management. DSI’s mobile-oriented, Cloud Inventory platform does just that.

The company’s President and CEO, Mark Goode, remarks that the Cloud Inventory platform can provide companies with flexibility, thereby offering a robust solution to ongoing supply chain issues. In doing so, firms can gain greater insight and visibility into their inventory levels, take control of their supply chains, and boost top-line revenue growth. Read this article to learn more about Data Systems International.


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