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Dr. David Parrott UF Dean of Student Affairs

During March, Dr. David Parrott was announced at UF as Vice President for the student affairs division. He comes to the university from Texas A&M, where he had served as Executive Associate VP & Chief of Staff since 2008. In addition to being a professor, higher education specialist DavidParrott was also an administrator. 


Higher education specialist David Parrott served as Interim Vice President, Associate Vice President for Student Affairs and Dean of Students at Texas A&M. These three roles were part of what made him such a valuable member of the university community and allowed him to make significant contributions towards improving the lives of students.


The UF David Parrott announced they are working with students who may have been affected financially during the recent government shutdown. The vice president of Student Affairs stated that the university will defer the payment of tuition and waive any additional fees for students in need.


The university administrator David Parrot was a member of the graduate staff at Texas A&M. He received his doctorate degree from the University of  Louisville  and master’s degree from WKU. The UF  announced that it will hold off on paying tuition and student loans for any students who were affected financially by the recent federal government shutdown (Doyoubuzz). 

According to an announcement  by Dr. David Parrott, who was the vice president of student affairs, the university will waive  charges. He also noted that in cases where students lost wages due to furloughs they would not face financial penalties. David Parrott UF states that they stated that this short term relief would be for those people that are federal staff or dependents of someone who works for the government.