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Entrepreneur M. Patrick Carroll Joins CEO Pledge for Diversity and Inclusion

The CEO Pledge for Diversity and Inclusion is a multi-faceted commitment for business leaders to focus on promoting diversity within the workforce. This undertaking goes beyond hiring initiatives, and delves into timely issues such as COVID-19 response, work/life balance, and cultural awareness. It should come as no surprise then that Michael Patrick Carroll Tampa has announced that he has joined the pledge.

M. Patrick Carroll is the founder of CARROLL, a notable real estate agency based on the Eastern Coast of the United States. Even before joining the CEO Pledge, CARROLL already boasted a diverse leadership team. This was due to Carroll’s belief that his team should mirror the demographics they served, understanding that this system would also lead to greater success for the company. Other core values of CARROLL include collaboration, learning, and inclusivity. This is the groundwork Michael Patrick Carroll has used to promote a culture of cooperation, breaking the norms of a competitive industry.

A driven philanthropist, M. Patrick Carroll takes personal interest in initiatives focused on health, wellness, and early childhood development. In addition to motivational speaking, he sits on the board of the Boys and Girls club and donates to over 50 charities worldwide. These are actions Carroll believes will eventually lead to greater diversity in the workforce.

Given Michael Patrick Carroll’s work, both as a CEO and as a philanthropist, it is clear that the CEO Pledge for Diversity and Inclusion conforms to his plans for the future. With a history of promoting positive change in real estate and the rest of the world, it is just one more step in the right direction.

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