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 John Savignano Recap

John Savignano is the VP of Sales at Hireology, a company that helps small businesses in job postings and hiring. Joining the company in 2012 as part of its inaugural team, John has been instrumental to the success and growth of Hireology. He oversees all aspects of sales strategy and execution efforts on behalf of clients, including product pricing and packaging; client profitability management; business development opportunities; client onboarding process improvements (via an annual assessment process); sales pipeline optimization techniques; relationship management with existing clients; staffing decisions (with team members); training initiatives with sales team personnel across all accounts/spheres.

Achievements of John Savignano

1) Complete setup and launch of the company’s job listing products: Hireology Pro, Hireology Unlimited, and Hireology Guide

2) General growth and development of client base, including the acquisition of clients: United Airlines, TAC Vending, Strategic Staffing Services (SSS), AAA of San Diego, OfficeWorks/OfficeMax

3) Acquired clients through referrals and partner relationships: Lockheed Martin Government Services (LMS), Costa Mesa Unified School District (CMSD), Marshall Aerospace & Defense Group (MPEG), S-Mart Stores/Family Dollar Stores, Laidlaw Oil Company/Shell Oil Company

4) General growth and development of the company’s marketing team (via sales and lead generation channel): Hireology Pro’s client base grew from 40K to 75K, Hireology Guide from 50K to 100K, Hireology Unlimited from 30K to 40K, SSS from 12K to 30K, AAA of San Diego from 1.5M to 2M, OfficeWorks/OfficeMax from 500k to 1.5M

5) Acquisition of the company’s client base: TAC Vending (2011), Laidlaw Oil Company (2012), Costa Mesa Unified School District (2013), Marshall Aerospace & Defense Group (2014)

6) Development of new business opportunities: General building of Hireology’s online presence and brand development. Website launched in 2011, Facebook page launched in 2012, YouTube channel launched in 2013; Twitter account opened in 2014, Instagram account launched in 2015. July 2013 was the first time Hireology had a steady flow of qualified clients contacting the company via the Internet for interviews or job postings.

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