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Larry Baer SF Giants CEO Discusses The Teams Future

Larry Baer is celebrated as one of the best managers in professional sports. The team is among the most notable Major League Baseball teams in the country, and he joined the team in 1992 and took over as its CEO in 1996. During his first year on this top seat, he led the team to win its second World Series Championship trophy in three years. Not so long ago, the team’s CEO came out to discuss its future.

Building on its current success

According to this accomplished sports industry professional, the San Francisco Giants was working to build on its current success. He pointed out that in the last couple of years, the team has employed the farm system, a strategy that has turned out to be very rewarding.

Since some of the players have not been on the pitch for a while, the first order of business would be to get them in their best shape. The Giants CEO added the team was also working to have a more flexible squad by 2022. Therefore, it would be smartly recruiting new talent, mainly from the minor leagues.

Getting back to the World

The SF Giants CEO revealed that the team was planning to get back to the World Series soon. Besides working on developing an unbeatable squad, it had also handed a couple of players multi-year deals – although none of the contracts had exceeded $20 million. He said that though he anticipated that getting back would be challenging, the team was already putting itself in the best position to overcome the challenges.

Larry Baer added that he hoped that the fans would be coming back to the stadiums soon as the MLB had to go on without fans for most of 2020 due to the pandemic. He said that the fans coming back to the stadiums would make the games more competitive, suitable for the teams’ development. Refer to this channel on YouTube, to learn more.


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