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James Gutierrez Spearheads Advocacy for Inclusivity and Closing of the Wealth Gap

For ages now, the gap between the wealthy and the poor has been widening. In the rise of the COVID-19 pandemic, there has been an unprecedented loss of livelihoods due to job termination. The restrictions implemented to control the increasing cases of infections further widened the wealth gap in the United States. However, compassionate entrepreneurs […]

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Tempus Founder Eric Lefkofsky says Increased Funding Opens New Horizons

Tempus, a company founded in 2015 by Eric Lefkofsky, aims to bring Artificial Intelligence (AI) technology to doctors and researchers to increase the effectiveness of precision medicine. The company helps medical professionals make real-time decisions about diagnosis and treatment by relying on technology and data mined from a patient’s genetic information. Though it initially focused […]

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 NYC Based Entrepreneur and Passionate Runner Michael Capiraso Career Accomplishments

Michael Capiraso, situated in New York City, has an enduring passion for business and running. He takes jobs in line with his passion, for he knows it will motivate him to be more productive. His career can be traced to sports, marketing, and entrepreneurship sectors. Michael has held executive positions in companies like Cole Haan, […]

Egypt Kuwaiti European Holding

Abdulla Al Humaidi Focuses on Modern Theme Park Resorts in Egypt and London

Abdulla Al Humaidi, the CEO of KEH, views the world differently from most traditional CEO’s, and this positive outlook and focus on maximizing profits while giving back to the community his business holdings work in, seems to be working. He is recognized as a leader who makes stable profitable investments that do not have a […]

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Why Pam Baer Has Been Undertaking Philanthropic Activities From The Heart

There are very many influential individuals in the world today who have been looking for some of the opportunities through which they can donate their funds so that they can be seen by other people. Such individuals are giving or undertaking some philanthropic operations so that they can become popular for their actions. There are […]

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What Is The Capacity Of NumbersUSA To Handle Its Operations?

NumbersUSA has specifically emerged in the country today as one of the prominent organizations in the country that has been addressing the issue of immigration. The most centric issue that the organization has been touching has had everything to do with making sure that the numerical issues of immigration and their impacts have been brought […]