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Vic Bansal’s Plan to Revive Australia’s Manufacturing Sector

Increased unemployment because of layoffs and economic hardships is just some of the negative implications of the COVID-19 pandemic on the globe. The pandemic has affected and changed millions of people’s lives in ways they never thought possible. These difficulties were felt harder by manufacturers because of severe changes in the global supply change, something they never saw coming. Once there is a raw materials shortage and increased demand for products, this sector is expected to struggle, which was the case. Even though the world is slowly going back to normalcy, Vik Bansal, the CEO of InfraBuild, is not taking the lessons for granted.

The leader with over 20yrs of experience serving in various executive roles across the globe has seen an opportunity to transform and rejuvenate Australia’s manufacturing sector. According to him, the country will no longer rely on finished products from their trading partners when they have the raw materials and capability of manufacturing steel. The overreliance on the importation of products has led to the decline of the manufacturing industry, which was once the backbone of the economy. Having been appointed the new CEO of InfraBuild, his vision is to transform their manufacturing efforts through the construction of a recycling infrastructure.

With every country and sector eyeing sustainability and lasting change in the post-pandemic era, it could be the dawn of a new and prosperous future for Australia’s steel manufacturing industry. With a recycling infrastructure, the sector can operate fluently without relying on many raw materials; thus, reducing environmental pollution. It is not just about strengthening this sector but also creating employment across the job with steel having a wide range of uses. Vic Bansal understands the pivotal role of the manufacturing industry in the growth of a country’s economy, hence, the emphasis on this sector. Vic Bansal demonstrated his leadership skills when he cleaned up Cleanaway, making them one of the best waste managers in the market.

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