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What you Need to know about Sextpanther

Sextpanther is a social platform for texting, entertainment, and making calls. Sextpanther was created during the pandemic period for adult content creators. Its main aim was to connect adult content creators with their audience at the comfort of their homes. Content creators entertain their audience by creating short videos, which can be either when dancing. They can post the video for viewers earning them some revenue.

If you want to join sex panther, you need to Google the website and register. One requires an email, username, and password to get started. It’s free to sign up and browse. To access their content, you need to upgrade to a paid account ranging between $2 to$500.The website has been so helpful to the content creator to conduct their business during the pandemic period.

Sextpanther operates so easily. It offers a free risky experience, and users can multitask; compared to other social apps, sex panther is multipurpose. If a creator wants to major in texting alone, he will only agree on the charges before they begin, and the same happens when they decide to shift into calls and video calls. Group chatting is also available for large audiences. Sextpanther also has room for sending and receiving audios. Users can browse for free unless when texting.

Sextpanther operates contactless to promote privacy for its users. In terms of privacy and security, sexting is well organized. At the signing stages, they have outlined their terms and conditions. To continue with the signing process, one has to agree with the terms to join the app. Failure to agree with these terms the system stops. The managers have ensured phone numbers are not leaked. They are also careful to ensure they do not supply any information on credit cards. Refer to this article to learn more