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 Alfons Hörmann Recap

Alfons Hormann On The Future of German Sport

As part of the Vision, the German government has set the goal of doubling sports spending. According to Deputy Minister for Sports and Youth Policy Alfons Hormann, sports will see plenty of growth in the coming years. To get an idea of where German sport is headed, we spoke with Alfons Hörmann about how funding initiatives like the National Olympic Committee and National Sports Center are helping drive development across all levels of German sport.

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The Future of German Sports Will be Digital First

A vital part of the Vision is the goal of doubling funding for sports. To help reach that goal, the government intends to double the digital capacity of the German sport. With initiatives like the National Sports Center already in place, they hope to provide digital training and showcase facilities in many areas. As the digital capacity of sport increases, so too should the digital presence of athletes. With the proper support, top athletes can use technology like Virtual Reality to give their training a competitive edge.

Amateur Sports Will Dominate Over Professional

German professional sports are in a tough spot. Revenue and sponsorships have dropped significantly over the past decade. Meanwhile, the number of professional sports teams has increased. At the same time, they are introducing tax breaks to encourage more people to compete in them.

Coaching Development Will Be Key

With the future of German professional sports uncertain, it’s no surprise that the government wants to improve the sustainability of amateur sports. They are reducing the costs of joining amateur sports to get more people playing on a more significant number of teams.

Summing It Up

As the Vision sets a clear goal for growth in funding, professional sports, and coaching development, the role of sports academies is unclear, but With funding for sport on the rise and digital capacity increasing, German sport is going to look very different in the future.