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Andrew Alexander_ The Prolific Comedy Enthusiast and Producer

Andrew Alexander is a big name; the most powerful Chicagoan. Apart from being the co-founder of Second City. Andrew is a film and television producer. While in Chicago, Andrew hosts the TSC comedy productions and a prominent corporate consulting branch among the locals.

Like many other icons, Andrew has established his career in the world of comedy. However, he has dominated the competitive industry despite the odds and kept his name in the limelight. Andrew has also made an impact in launching careers for some famous comedians in modern times through the Second City institution mentorship program to help them achieve impressive relevance and prominence in the industry.

Andrew’s big secret was identifying and sticking to his passion. Right from the mid-1970s, while he was still figuring what he is good at, Alexander understood he could create a lasting impact in the world of comedy. With zeal, Andrew has created vast content for a variety of films and television programs, which has spurred other comedy audiences to resonate with him. Most of his works are within Toronto, Los Angeles, and Chicago.

It has taken hard work, talent, patience, and passion to make Andrew a role model to the upcoming comedians. He also creates opportunities to improve other people’s lives through his charitable contributions cherishes and acknowledges the efforts of the fallen heroes in comedy like John Tory whom he vividly reminisces as a great actor and comedian in Toronto through his Twitter handle.

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