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Bhanu Choudhrie Founder/CEO of Alpha Aviation Group

Alpha Aviation Group is a company that trains new aviation pilots from the Philippines and United Arab Emirates. It takes between 20-30 months to complete an in-person flight training program. The founder and CEO of this business is Bhanu Choudhrie. He has a lot of experience in aviation investments and also, in the healthcare industry. In the field of modern technology, this organization has advanced to the forefront.

When the COVID-19 pandemic hit in 2020, the aviation industry was greatly impacted by this. Because of the strict separation rules that needed to be followed, the pilot training organizations were stifled worldwide. As flights continued to be canceled, Choudhrie realized that he had to make some immediate changes to combat this.

Bhanu Choudhrie knew that no one could predict how long it would be, until the in-person classes could resume. This is when he decided to start an e-learning service, to replace the in-person flight training courses for his next class of students. It was an important step forward, to ensure that there won’t be a shortage of pilots.

Across the United Arab Emirates and the Philippines, Alpha Aviation Group usually has between 600-700 students enrolled in these classes. And at that time, these people had already paid for their aviation training. Because of the COVID-19 pandemic, they were given no choice but to shift their in-person schooling to a newly devised online format. Flight simulators were being used and instructors learned how to change them to fill each student’s need.

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