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Bhanu Choudhrie Wants the Issue of Pilot Shortage Addressed

In different continents, the lack of pilots will worsen in the coming decades. Boeing said that by 2040, the global economy would need 800,000 new pilots. The U.S. aviation industry will have only two-thirds of pilots to meet the increasing demand for local and global flights. Unfortunately, young people did not show interest in an aviation career. This deficiency means that passengers may face delays and safety hazards as pilots are forced to deal with the ever-increasing workload.

Congress and airlines must provide incentives to encourage college students, and high school graduates into the sector, noted Bhanu Choudhrie. Both supply and demand cause the current and projected shortage of pilots. Due to the lack of interested individuals, the pilot population has grown slowly, but you also need to consider the influence of market forces. The increase in pilot demand is mainly due to economic growth in the Middle East, East Asia, and South Asia. Bhanu Choudhrie believes something must be done to address the issue.

China is among the leading players in international economic growth. Although this significant increase, East Asian country has experienced decades of financial stagnation under the communist system, China has experienced tremendous growth since the 1980s. After Deng Xiaoping ousted the Maoist Communist Party and began to open up the market, this era of change was triggered. Bhanu Choudhrie says that you don’t have to view the world markets to comprehend the increase in demand for pilots and flights.

You must have noticed your colleagues, family, and friends flying more frequently than they did in the years after the Great Depression. Americans also often like to travel to low-priced southern European countries. In recent years, oil prices have been at historically low levels. In return, the cost of jet fuel is also very low. Airlines can provide cheap tickets for international and domestic flights, added Bhanu Choudhrie.

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