Franci Neely

Neely focuses on giving back to her community through volunteering for charities.

She also started Franci’s House to help provide housing for children whose families cannot afford it.

In addition to philanthropy, she continues to devote time to legal practice.

Franci Neely has worked as an educator since graduating college.

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She taught high school English and served as Dean of Students at The Kingwood School.

Neely later went back to graduate school at Rice University, earning a Master’s degree in Education.

After obtaining her degree, she became an elementary teacher at The Woodlands Elementary School.

While teaching, Neely got involved with several non-profit organizations, including the National Council of Teachers of English, Association of College Women International, and the Texas Reading Corps.

She continues to serve as a volunteer on those boards today.

Franci has lived all around the United States and now lives in Houston, Texas. She loves to travel and has visited over 200 countries so far.

She always takes a lot of pictures wherever she goes and hopes to see each country with her camera in hand.

It’s getting light outside when I wake up each morning.

I grab my coffee cup and start the day with a goal.

I want to reach out to someone who needs something done today, whether it helps with a project or a favor.

I also want to be proactive instead of just reacting to what others tell me about what they need.

You need to get started.

It would help if you started working on your idea right away.

No matter what, don’t wait until the last minute.

Start planning early and write down all of your thoughts.

If you delay, then you will never act.

Your ideas might be bad, but if you begin to get closer to finishing them, you will be more excited about completing them.

Even if you don’t think you’re ready to start, spend time thinking about your idea and research.

Make sure that you have enough time to complete your project before working on it.

A lot of people fail because they put themselves on a timeline.

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