Gordonstoun Pupil Raises $3,000 for Brain Tumour Research in Memory of Stepfather

One of the pupils in Gordonstoun, a leading independent school in the UK led a campaign that helped to generate over £3,000 to be used in brain tumor research.

Scarlett Sykes (the fundraiser organizer) managed was able to raise the amount by organizing a sponsored run for her students and creating a Facebook fundraiser in honor of Paul Malcolm, a nurse who died of a brain tumor.

Scarlett admits that the nurse who also served as a British ARMY reservist seemed fit and healthy before his untimely death.

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Sykes notes that she was 15 years when Malcolm passed on and she couldn’t comprehend what had happened.

After Paul was diagnosed with stage 3 brain tumor in April 2017 he became ill fast and his health declined rapidly.

She acknowledges that this was a hard time for her mother because she had already made plans to get married to Malcolm.

So, Sykes’s fundraising efforts are designed to ensure that few families experience the pain they’ve had to ensure.

Scarlett, who has completed her A levels and is expecting to join the University of London to study psychology added that her sponsored run was inspired by the Gordonstoun jogging tradition.

The institution required students to perform a daily 4 km jog to the nearby coastguard watchtower which was mandatory until the 1990s.

The Brain Tumor Research community development manager, Joe Woollcott admitted that he’s sorry for the loss of the Sykes father.

Woollcott reiterates that the passing of Scarlett’s father is a reminder that brain tumors can affect anyone unexpectedly.

Joe has extended his condolence to Sykes’s brother and mother who loved and cared for Paul.

He notes that the step Sykes has taken in memory of her stepdad is inspiring.

Besides Scarlett’s contribution, the charity organization is looking to add more investment to advance brain tumor research.

Joe believes that an annual budget of £35 million can go a long way in improving patient outcomes and patient outcomes in line with cancers like leukemia and breast cancer.

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