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James Gutierrez Spearheads Advocacy for Inclusivity and Closing of the Wealth Gap

For ages now, the gap between the wealthy and the poor has been widening. In the rise of the COVID-19 pandemic, there has been an unprecedented loss of livelihoods due to job termination. The restrictions implemented to control the increasing cases of infections further widened the wealth gap in the United States. However, compassionate entrepreneurs such as James Gutierrez have committed their time and resources to innovate solutions geared towards advocacy for change and closing the wealth gap. According to Gutierrez, the recent research conducted in the US revealed that 10% of the wealthiest individuals make an income twice as much as the bottom 90% combined. These statistics show the inequality in access to opportunities.

James Gutierrez asserts that America’s tax system favours the wealthy as it allows them to pay a lower average tax rate. Over the years, the avid and voracious Gutierrez has had the belief that entrepreneurs and business leaders can create a change in the society that can impact people positively economically rather than waiting on the government to drive the change and narrow the wealth gap. The visionary Gutierrez is the brains behind establishing numerous fintech companies such as Aura and Oportun, initiated to solve social challenges faced by the deprived.

Aura and Oportun have significantly helped the underprivileged secure financial opportunities by incorporating modern-day technology to provide the consumers with a reliable credit score. James Gutierrez points out that the people of colour make up the most significant percentage of the communities affected the unfair financial services, high unemployment rates and loss of income resulting from COVID-19. The futuristic thinker and social entrepreneur Gutierrez has strategically invested in developing an online platform that will be accessible on the interface of mobile devices, which seeks to provide insurance and banking solutions for Latin-X and underserved communities.

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