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Jason Hope Discusses the New Longevity Research

A lifelong entrepreneur and innovator, Jason Hope is deeply committed to advancing technologies that promote social change. Especially those that improve the lives of older people and others who face debilitating health conditions. He is also an advocate for entrepreneurship and innovation in education and healthcare and works tirelessly to support new ventures and the causes he believes in. 


With a BA in finance from ASU and an MBA from ASU’s W. P. Carey School of Business, the activist investor launched a successful mobile communications company focused on delivering mobile services to customers across the globe. The business expert Jason Hope explains that throughout the last decade, various types of stem cells have received massive media coverage and attention due to their potential benefits.                                                                                                                                                                            Jason Hope at the SENS Foundation


From being heralded as the most effective way to eradicate specific ailments, such as cancer, to being protested by individuals and groups who feel they shouldn’t be used because of ethical concerns, stem cell research has gained widespread recognition multiple times throughout history. As the global community becomes increasingly connected, Jason Hope recalls, advanced technology and the union between healthcare and technology continue to advance rapidly. 


Business expert Jason Hope expects stem cells will remain in the public eye for the foreseeable future. The businessman, whose life mission centers around extending human longevity, knows that most stem cell applications are rightly considered ”experimental” until appropriate research, testing, and development occurs. He also understands the mistrust from unscrupulous vendors touting dubious products or hyping out-of-date procedures that professional scientists haven’t adequately examined. 


To help mitigate such concerns, he champions increased scientific inquiry into aging, encouraging researchers to focus on advancing healthy longevity by discovering safe, effective, and reliable methods to rejuvenate our cells, tissues, regenerate organs, and entire bodies. With hope comes uncertainty as Jason Hope recalls. Stem cells can promise new treatments and cures for everything from organ failure to spinal cord injury, yet the science behind them is far from proven. Yet despite these obstacles, the industry is booming. And if we’re being honest, there’s probably a good reason.