Josh Garza

Josh Garza is a persistent entrepreneur who is determined to forge his path despite being taken down by the SEC.

By following a strategy that he has carefully planned out from the beginning, Josh builds up and uses his reputation to build profitable companies with little or no capital.

  1. Early Life

Josh Garza was born in 1987 and eventually ended up in Massachusetts.

He worked with the Amherst College Republicans and the Massachusetts Republican Party in his early days.

These experiences helped him build a strong and respected network which, in turn, is used to his advantage today.

He studied Political Science at Amherst College but dropped out after two semesters due to “reasons I’d rather not get into.”

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After dropping out of college, he found an opportunity that would become the catalyst for his entrepreneurial journey.

  1. Awards and Recognition

Garza has been at the center of controversy throughout his entrepreneurial career.

At its peak, his company GAWMiners was listed as a “Top 10 Best Cloudmining Company” by CoinTelegraph and a “Cloud Mining Industry Leader” by Bitcoinist.

However, the SEC shut down GAWMiners after accusing Garza of running a Ponzi Scheme.

Despite accusations against him, fellow entrepreneurs still see Garza as an inspirational entrepreneur who can be counted on to accomplish great things.

He has recently announced that he will be working on developing Paycoin XPY, which is similar to Bitcoin but easier to use.

  1. Philanthropy

In recent months, Garza has been involved in philanthropy.

He has recently started a non-profit foundation where all donations will go towards various causes like the Wounded Warrior Project and the Bill & Melinda Gates Foundation.

  1. Notable Lessons Learned

Garza knows how to build up a network of highly influential people and uses that network to help him along the way.

This strategy is used by many successful entrepreneurs and is something that can be learned from Garza’s early career decisions.

Josh Garza’s career has been controversial and has been at the center of it since he started GAWMiners.

However, Garza has also accomplished much in his relatively short entrepreneurial career and is still young.

Only time will tell what will happen to Garza, but for now, his influence is felt throughout the entire cryptocurrency community.

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