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Miki Agrawal advice on marketing

The founder of TUSHY, Miki Agrawal, has a lot of experience when it comes to marketing. Her company deals with the manufacture of portable bidets. The products can be carried in a pocket and used to clean after toilet use. People find it funny when she starts the topic in her marketing efforts. She has known the right strategies to employ so that she can pass the message around easily. Many people face challenges when marketing products. She has effective tips that she has been employing. Some of the tips that Miki Agrawal uses to market her unique products are as follows:

Make people interested

The first step she takes is to make people get interested. People are eager to take up a product after they get to learn more about its benefits. For example, the use of the bidets come with several benefits, such as cleaning more effectively than ordinary toilet materials. The way she introduces the topic to potential buyers ensures they are interested in the whole idea.

Learn the body language

The other tip she employs to ensure the message is well received by the potential buyers is to learn their body language. The way people pose determines whether they can buy the product or not. Some topics are hard to introduce to people. Start by having a funny introduction, then watch their body language. Making people comfortable increases the chances of receiving the products well.

Employ humor

The application of humor is another tip that they employ. When people are involved in different adventures, they would like to discuss things that excite them. Get to employ humor, and it will make the potential customers comfortable to discuss even topics they consider taboo in normal cases. Miki Agrawal knows the most effective strategies she has employed to make her unique products receive attention from the market.

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