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 NYC Based Entrepreneur and Passionate Runner Michael Capiraso Career Accomplishments

Michael Capiraso, situated in New York City, has an enduring passion for business and running. He takes jobs in line with his passion, for he knows it will motivate him to be more productive. His career can be traced to sports, marketing, and entrepreneurship sectors. Michael has held executive positions in companies like Cole Haan, WPP, Calvin Klein, NFL, MLB, and NYRR. Before joining NYRR, his most recent job, he was the Chief Marketing Officer of Cole Haan, a subsidiary of Nike, where he spearheaded brand development, creative, digital, strategy, and marketing.

Being a strategic planner and believer of the power of teamwork, together with his team, he devised a strategic multi-channel growth plan that aimed at doubling the firm’s revenue in the next five years. Also, at this time, he introduced a social-media marketing campaign for to reach more people. Before Cole Haan, Michael was from WPP, a marketing firm where he held the CEO position after leaving NFL.

Michael’s various executive positions from the different companies built on his career, but the one that gave him a breakthrough is the President and CEO position of NYRR. Though the extensive experience may have contributed to the extraordinary leadership of NYRR, his passion for running motivated him to visualize the marathon becoming recognized globally. With this vision and results-driven focus, Michael Capiraso started by building a strong team and together, they doubled both the number of NYRR marathon participants and its profits. With a strong team and a flat structure of management, Capiraso’s tenure set unbreakable records, for he raised a marathon that was only recognized in NYC to the largest national and global as well.

Personally, Michael Capiraso has taken part in twenty-eight New York-based marathons, managing to raise funds for NYRR’s kid’s team exceeding one hundred thousand dollars.