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Online Trading Academy SEC Press Release Recap

According to an article on PR Newswire, the former Chief Economist of the SEC and Online Trading Academy (OTA), Dr. Jeffrey H. Harris, made a review of the Online Trading Academy course resources and the emerging trading platform referred to as CliK that consolidates education and its assessment. He is passionate about financial education as part of a life skill that stretches into the public financial markets to everyone in an equitable manner. According to him, it is unfortunate that not all people access such education. That is why together with the American University, he is determined to extend financial education to a broader population, a common aspect with OTA.

In addition, he articulated those educational resources of OTA alongside the underlying principles of OTA courses based on sound economic theories that align with the University standard derivatives and investment course at both graduate and undergraduate levels. Generally, the curriculum and delivery of OTA techniques relate well with the commonly acknowledged experimental learning methods and offer valuable long-term learning opportunities for OTA learners seeking to trade for their personal accounts. With this, OTA training resources are able to provide crucial additional learning value towards the students enabling them to observe the methods and techniques being taught by OTA in developing their confidence in trading and investment.

Finally, the former Chief Economist of the SEC and Online Trading Academy (OTA) suggests that not all education is equal as some are theoretical. At the same time, some are all required in building skills, developing confidence and proficiency. Therefore, under a guided practice and practical application, students manage to sail through ideal, investment, and practical trading difficulties. He adds that away from other online trading mechanisms, CliK enhances student learning and consequently applies technology towards supporting a disciplined approach in trading and managing risk provided by OTA programs.

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