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Payam Banazadeh Explains Why He Treats His Workers Well

In 2016, Payam Banazadeh finally made his dream of having an influential organization come true. Payam established Capella Space in this year and since then, he has worked tirelessly with the help of other people to ensure that professionals can observe the whole earth in a reliable way. Payam Banazadeh speaks very highly of his professional team because it has enabled his work to be easy. The American based leader has managed to bring together a strong and powerful team of innovative thinkers. The Capella Space workers have established a culture since the first time they came together. Every day, the special company collaborates and works together to achieve transparency in their facility. Payam Banazadeh’s latest interview talks a lot about his great innovative company workers. The professional engineer explains that he knew from the word go that he was not going to have success if he failed to bring excellent professionals together. Good people hold the key to the successful companies found in the international community. Payam did not want a failing company just because he couldn’t have the right leaders. 

After bringing the people together, Payam Banazadeh took the second step in the company. This visionary engineer decided to work on a company culture. This culture had to be strong enough to make the facility thrive and get to the highest productivity. All through the many years, Payam ensures that he is very intentional about the day to day running of his facility. Payam Banazadeh treats his juniors with care, and he listens to their opinions because they have all helped to create the results people see today. Once in a while, the team sits to have a meal so that they can connect more and discuss the future of their institution. The innovative workers know that they are the true owners of the platform