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The Leading Force of Georgette Mulheir to Defend Haiti´s Democracy

A life dedicated to caring for the most vulnerable people in the hardest circumstances could not leave behind the current political crisis in Haiti. This is why Georgette Mulheir got involved in the cause “Defend Haiti´s Democracy.” Democratic institutions are at the root of any intent to transform and improve social injustice. Mulheir knows that well due to her wide experience as a global expert that led the transformation of thousands of systems of care and protection for children. By teaming up with UNICEF, her leadership also helped to decriminalize being a single mother in the country of Sudan. 

Subsequently, thousands of children received the support and protection they deserved from their mothers. And now it is time to make the international community turn their attention to Haiti. For many years, this country was in the center of the news. However, the country was able to organize its institutions and cope with natural disasters. But a new threat is over Hati. Georgette Mulheir has announced that the latest president did not want to leave after his term expired in 2020 and he started to rule by decree. This brought back the chaos to the country with gangs and violence coercing Haiti’s children. The scenario scaled up with the recent murder of the so-called president. 

But it is still time to restore democracy and the rule of law. This is a  key factor consists of getting international collaboration to help alleviate the humanitarian crisis. Also, find ways to organize the political scene there where needed. And by having all that in place, protect children and the rest of Haiti’s society. Although the international community already has a tide agenda, Georgette Mulheir and the entire team at the “Defend Haiti´s Democracy” organization is determined to make them do the right thing with Haiti. The high sense of opportunity and wide experience of Mulheir will be a leading force to make them react.