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The Story of Bhanu Choudhrie: The British-Indian Entrepreneur Who’s Changing Industries

Bhanu was born in New Delhi in 1978, and raised in London, England. After school, Bhanu Choudhrie went to the US to pursue a bachelor’s degree in international marketing from the prestigious Boston University. While pursuing his undergraduate education, he took an entrepreneur course at the Harvard Business School. Later, he returned to India and worked for a year at a consulting firm before returning to Boston University to work as an assistant professor.

His father worked in the UK government as a member of parliament in India and his mother worked as an executive at Bain & Company, the Boston Consulting Group’s consulting subsidiary. Bhanu has an older sister, Neha, who is an advertising professional.

Alpha Aviation Group vision

The Alpha Group is an established leader in aviation services. The company operates as a highly specialized aviation and travel management company and focuses on serving the global business traveler. In addition to the internal support provided to Alpha Aviation Group by the Alpha International team, the Alpha Group has appointed a strong management team to help guide the company through its future.


In March of 2011 Bhanu Choudhrie pledged a $1 million gift to Harvard Business School to establish the Bhanu S. Choudhrie Endowed Lecture in Leadership. The lecture, named after Bhanu Choudhrie and available to Harvard Business School students for an annual fee of $850, is hosted every spring and focused on strategic leadership.

It brings an influential and accomplished leader to Harvard Business School to talk about the critical issues in business, including the influence of leadership, customer needs, change management, and strategic leadership. In recognition of his success, Bhanu has been a recipient of the Harvard Business School Presidents’ Community Service Award in 2001 and the Harvard Management Company’s Distinguished Alumni Award in 2005.

Alpha Aviation Group roles

Bhanu Choudhrie currently serves as the Chairman of Alpha Group. Mr. Choudhrie has the full backing of Laxmikant Malhoutra, one of Alpha Group’s founders, in his decision to resign. He currently serves as Alpha’s chief operating officer and Mr. Malhoutra is Alpha’s Chief Executive Officer. Mr. Malhoutra and Mr. Choudhrie are Alpha’s two longest standing and largest shareholders.

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