The Story Of Greg Blatt

Online dating sites have become a common occurrence in this era. A lot of individuals prefer signing up and subscribing to different subscription options on the various sites to find new, compatible people. Dating sites offer the limitless choice for anyone looking to date from the click of a button behind smart devices.

One notable personality has been at the helm of two such recognized sites. Greg Blatt started in a different career, but he found his way to the industry of dating application sites. He recently had an interview where he got to recount his journey.

Greg Blatt was born in Boston later attending a top university in a different state. He spent most of his time traveling and landed a job as a bartender due o his bubbly nature. While at this job, he decided to venture into law and attended a law school.

At some point, he realized law was not something he was passionate about, so he deviated tried his hand in entertainment law. He secured a job that allowed his career to blossom to what it is. He grew steadily to become the CEO of, a dating site.

Securing a job at the online dating site made him see an opportunity that Blatt took and grew usage and followers. The applications he worked for, such as Tinder, have become a household name for individuals across the globe and paving the way for applications of the same type. With many people signing up for different packages for a chance to meet their soulmates. Visit this page for more information.

Greg Blatt attributes his success to building other people’s ideas and working as a team for the company’s success. One advice he gives is that he urges individuals to remain flexible and build different brands that actively compete against each other—Greg Blatt has held many senior positions making him a sought-after leader.


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