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Vik Bansal Believes that Decarbonize Steel Is Necessary For A Sustainable Future

Just recently, global leaders came together to form the Glasgow Climate Pact. It is the first time that a pact has a goal to reduce coal. Coal is one of the worst fossil fuels on the planet. Even though coal puts out the most carbon dioxide, it is also the primary fuel for making steel. Steel is one material that would be hard to live without. Everything from cars, houses, bridges, jewelry and even eating utensils uses steel. How do we reduce the use of coal and still make steel?

Vik Bansal, CEO and Managing Director of InfraBuild, believes that it will be impossible to create a sustainable future for the planet without creating decarbonized steel. However, Bansal reveals that the process of decarbonization of steel is difficult. Many companies will find the process expensive, but it is necessary.

InfraBuild produces steel through the Electric Arc Furnace method. We make most steel today from blast furnaces. Steel produced by Electric Arc Furnaces is still not 100 percent carbon neutral. Fossil fuels are used to create some of the electricity that powers the furnaces. According to Vik Bansal CEO, the procedure still reduces their overall carbon footprint.

A sustainable future will require the use of steel. Bansal believes that world leaders to create policies that move us towards the making of sustainable steel. Otherwise, the world will not see a sustainable future.

About Vik Bansal

Vik Bansal has over 25 years of experience in executive roles. He is known for assisting companies through periods of transition, improvement and growth. From 2015 to 2021, Bansal served as CEO and Managing Director at Cleanaway. He also founded The National Waste & Recycling Industry Council. Bansal has a degree in Electric Engineering and an MBA and completed INSEAD’s Advanced Management Program.

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