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Who Is Bhanu Choudhrie?

Bhanu Choudhrie is a successful man in his professional career. He is grateful for that. Bhanu Choudhrie feels that while professional success is important it Is not the only important thing. He deeply feels passionate about giving back to the community.

This can be done in ways such as helping poor children to help provide a career path for the aspiring young adult. Bhanu Choudhrie has a great passion for helping care for children along with helping to make the dreams come true of both abled bodies as well as disabled young adults.

This is something he learned as a child the importance of giving back. It is easy to get lost in our privilege and forget that there are others who are really struggling in ways that we could never imagine.

One such example of this is that in India if a family is destitute to the point that they are unable to purchase a school uniform it is a very real possibility that the child will not be able to attend school. This is some of the things he is hoping to help with while giving back.

A little bit more background information on Bhanu Choudhrie is that he has the honor of serving as the director of the private investment firm C&C Alpha group. He founded this firm in the year 2002 in London. They have many different industry sectors which include aviation, healthcare, and real estate.

Due to his love of flying and wanting to give young adults a way to reach their goals he then founded Alpha Aviation Group LTD. Alpha Aviation Group would allow them the ability to train pilots. It’s a great way to help make someone’s dreams of being a pilot come true while also fulfilling a need in the economy.

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